Okay, so I used this rainy Saturday to change oil on the cars. I took the F-150 to the Ford dealership.  (You can read that story here.)  And then I took the Honda Odyssey to a Jiffy Lube.

The Honda is definitely the wife’s car (aka the soccer mom).  She takes the 3 kids AND their friends everywhere in the mini-van.

This is the 4th Honda Odyssey we have leased and I always just put conventional oil.  Change it regularly. Have a nice day.

To my surprise, the guy at Jiffy Lube tells me I need synthetic blend.

I’m like, what the heck are you talking about.  Nevertheless, the car requires 0-20 oil.  That’s the more expensive synthetic blend, happy horse crap that it requires.  Something about it being more fuel efficient.  (Let me tell you.  It’s just as efficient as the 3 prior Odyssey’s I had.)

So, I tell the guy, fine.  Go ahead and put the synthetic blend.

Then, I get the price.  It was in shock. It was over $85!!!  For an oil change?

I had a $24 off coupon I found online which brought the price with tax and all closer to $60, but I was beside myself on how expensive it’s gotten at Jiffy Lube.  I never used to price the oil changes.  Jiffy Lube was reasonably quick and cheap.

Well, they’re not that cheap anymore.  Needless to say, I’m shopping a lot more before my next oil change.

That hurt!