When you think of “Miami Cars” you think of the Ferraris used on the show Miami Vice.  You may think of the exotics of the rich and famous seen along Ocean Drive.

Well, below is a collection of pics and videos that shares everything from Lamborghinis and Bugattis to Rolls Royces and Cobras. The main thing they have in common is that they are all shot in Miami or Miami Beach.

Supercars on Miami highways and roadways.

Miami Vice “In the Air Tonight” by Phil Collins featuring Sonny Crocket in the Ferrari Daytona. Miami Vice nostalgia.

Miami Vice Chase Scenes featuring Van Halen’s “Summer Nights”

“Cars of Miami Beach”


Video number 2 is titled: “Awesome Miami Supercars” and includes Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes, Audi, Bentley, Astong Martin and more.


Video number 3 is titled “Exotic Cars in Miami: Toys for Tots 2013 Toy Rally” through the streets of Miami.

Video number 4 is simply titled “Miami Cars”

Video number 5 titled “Exotic Cars in Miami Beach”

Hot Cars and Hot Girls in the Paradise Festivals of Speed Miami 2015

Super Cars of Miami – Super Car Rentals

This video is super cute featuring dogs in cars driving through Miami.

Lamborghini Avendators at Miami International Airport runway.